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Kid Friendly Email

September 22, 2011

It does exist!  Really!  You just have to go find it.

Good kid friendly email is generally a paid for service (usually a one time fee or a yearly fee) that allows the parents to control who is allowed to email the child and who the child is allowed to email.  It also protects the email from spam and allows the parent to see every email the child gets.

Like anything we do with our kids, this one requires parental involvement.  The parent needs to get on the computer and monitor the activity in that email account.  Most of these providers set the parent up with a separate account and password.  All activity will be sent to you in your own email account.  If you don’t already have one now is a good time to sign up for a Hotmail or Gmail account.

Kids do outgrow this unfortunately.  There comes a point where they will figure out what your email and password are and change the settings themselves.  But I figure by this point they are old enough to be taught how to handle a Hotmail or similar free account and to be able to use it responsibly.  It doesn’t mean you can’t check either.  One of the rules of using the account may mean that the parents have to have the password.

I will put a couple of links to some kid friendly email for you.  I’m not endorsing these particular ones nor am I getting any money from putting these links here.  I am simply saving you the trouble of using Google to find them on your own.  However if you want to check a few out on your own use search terms such as “child friendly email” or “email for children”.

Kids Email

Safe N Sound Email



Happy emailing!


a.k.a The Geeky Teacher



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